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Life @ OneFin - By Integration Engineer Renua

Journey before OneFin

I started my first job as a Software Specialist in a Healthcare IT Company. My role was to troubleshoot software and hardware related issues for clients. I was working closely with clients.

How did OneFin happen?

I wasn’t looking for a Job, I wasn't planning on working to be honest but Bala (HR) reached out to me and I just went with the flow and now here I am as an Integration Engineer. This is my first time working with a startup and I thought let’s try something new and who doesn’t like finance?

Interview experience with OneFin

There were two rounds of interviews, and after that an assignment followed by a brief call with the founders. This call was very helpful as they explained about the company and about them as well, what they used to do and how they started OneFin.

Thoughts before joining OneFin?

This is my first time working with a startup so I knew I would learn something new everyday.

First Day at OneFin

Awesome! I went through all the formalities, set up my machine, introduction to teammates and I was all set.

The learning curve at OneFin

Here at OneFin, you get to work on multiple projects so you’re learning something new every time. It could be overwhelming sometimes but I feel it's quite worth it.

Experience at OneFin

What makes a good experience is the team with whom you work and I’d like to say that our engg team here has got everything one could ever wish for.

Most interesting project?

Every project is new and unique in its own way.

Funny moment at work

It was my first call with my team and my teammates said please download Among Us. IKR!

The first job you ever held at OneFin

My first task was to integrate one API to our google site and I was able to complete it on the same day so that day is quite special to me.

The best co-worker with whom you enjoyed working and why

Everyone here is very helpful and I enjoy everyone’s company, so no favorites! Sorry Not Sorry.

One of the perks of my job is…?

I get to work closely with clients, it allows me to see the product from the end user’s point of view, which eventually helps us.

The favorite part of my work is…?

Solving issues raised by the customer. Not that I am a pro but I try to improve.


OneFin is working on exciting products for the Indian financial ecosystem. We have an awesome team and offer a great career building opportunity. Want to explore openings at OneFin? Drop us an email at!

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tushar dhurvey
tushar dhurvey
23 de out. de 2021

Best of luck renua for the future.

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