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Powering the OneFin Rocket - Hear from Dinesh

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Journey before OneFin

I started working during my college years and was determined to join a startup, I had seen up close how a small set of students can go and change an industry, and thus decided to them - I joined WittyFeed, which went on to become the world’s second-largest content-company by volume, right from a small tier-II city in India. We had more users than Quora itself!

I had the steepest learning curve and solved solutions at scale, eventually developing and handling the product from scratch.

I then went on to work for a startup in the freight industry and then for a leading startup in the FinTech market, which helped companies and HNIs find other companies and have all their data aggregated in one place.

How did OneFin happen?

I had been working 4.5 years non-stop and needed a small break, and went to Sri Lanka for a vacation and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

OneFin was still hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic, whereas other companies started laying off! Went to show how strong and well the company was doing, combined with the FinTech product they had built, and were planning on building.

Interview experience with OneFin

The interview process at OneFin lasted one full month.

The CTO - Abhash Anand was very sweet and calm during the interview, and the next round was with Ashwin, the lead in the team. He even taught me a few things which I was not aware of.

The interviews did not seem like an interview, but more of a discussion, which I inculcated when I started interviewing others.

Thoughts before joining OneFin?

I tried reading a lot about the company and the great interview experience was also a bonus.

I also had an in-depth call with the CEO - Pratish after which I was more than a hundred percent confident that I wanted to join here.

First Day at OneFin

The first day was very good. I started my first day during the peak COVID-19 pandemic, and the lockdown was unparalleled to anything the world had ever seen. Thus it was all remote - Ashwin, and Abhash made it easy, along with the amazing team - Chayan, Shubham, Ajit who made me feel welcome.

The learning curve at OneFin

I started my journey when we decided to create a new product, and disrupt the industry to empower any company to become a fintech - by enhancing cutting-edge financial software that we had already built for ourselves over many years. Thus, with every task, with every work, and with every discussion - there was a learning curve. We learned about the technical know-how, the financial / fintech part of it and slowly built it all.

Experience at OneFin

Everyone looks forward to building a rocket, we actually built one! In less than a year, we have scaled to 2.5x of our pre-pandemic levels, helping serve lakhs of individual borrowers and tens of thousands of small businesses

We are not a dedicated ‘frontend’, ‘backend’, team. We pick up whatever is needed, and are free to contribute to any work we like.

It’s quite a feat what we have managed to achieve with a small team size - a small group of hackers disrupting FinTech.

Most interesting project

I would say when we were close to releasing our product - the entire technical team was all fully remote. Someone was in Lucknow, Kolkata, Kochi etc. We all built scalable, usable products in less than a month from the ground-up. We used to get on GMeets and randomly start talking about anything. Anything that was needed, was planned and built immediately to perfection.

Funny moment at work

We often play the game AmongUs, and all have incredible fun while playing it. The drama, fun, laughter...there are a lot of funny moments every day, from joking with the founders and the team included.

The best co-worker with whom you enjoyed working and why

I would rephrase the question to ‘co-workers”. We all have become incredibly close, we enjoy working as everyone is always innovating, and we grow by learning from each other, plus we are a small, tightly knit team.

One of the perks of my job is…?

One of the perks is - gaining a deeper understanding of how finance works in general and building complex software - which is empowering tens of thousands of people and businesses every day.


OneFin is working on exciting products for the Indian financial ecosystem. We have an awesome team and offer a great career building opportunity. Want to explore openings at OneFin? Drop us an email at!

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