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OneFin is a suite of financial technology tools that your business can benefit from. Be it bulk payouts, salary transfers, collections, accounting & reconciliation - we have technologies that make all this happen at a click of a button so that you can spend more time on what you are best at - running your business




Collect payments from your customers, partners & vendors. Useful for NBFCs, fintechs & SMEs



Make bulk payments, 24x7 instant transfers with easy accounting & reconciliation



Manage entire loan book online. Source & manage leads, do credit analysis & more!



Release salaries & incentives with ease. Multi bank support & 24x7 uptime


NBFCs & Banks

Credit is one of the major drivers of growth in a country like India. Our management has extensive first hand experience in the business of lending. Based on that, and by working closely with other lenders, we have built technologies that lenders can use to increase efficiency, accuracy & scale of their business. You can use any of our extensive tools which cover smart lead sourcing, underwriting, disbursal & collections. These are designed to integrate easily with your existing systems and processes. 


We are a fintech ourselves. Fintechs play an important role in developing and distributing digital financial products.  We have developed our tools as APIs which fintechs can integrate easily. Some of our partners have gone live in as less as 3 days. We provide the financial building blocks for use cases that span from lending to insurance. We have taken a technology first to allow fintechs to scale their financial operations.

SMEs & Corporates

SMEs are the bedrock of Indian economy. Unfortunately there are lot of problems faced by SMEs. These include lack of formal credit, financial products that are not customized & banking infrastructure that needs improvements. With OneFin, SMEs can automate their financial transactions, reduce costs, increase efficiency & become eligible for formal credit & loans. Going digital is the first step in the SME transformation that India needs.

Schools & Educational Institutes

We have closely worked with many schools & educational institutions.​ We understand the pain point of collecting payments. Our digital collections product will help you collect and reconcile payments in a fast & hassle free manner. You can also use our solution to release payments to teachers and tutors. We have customized our solution for educational institutes so that you get a ready to use solution.

DSAs (Direct Selling Agencies)

DSAs are a major component of business sourcing for banks, NBFCs, insurance companies and more. If you are a DSA, our solutions will help you to make your lead management more efficient, send campaigns to customers, track & reconcile payments and much more. We have worked with multiple DSAs and know their pain points well. You can also manage leads via our CRM, check KYC documents automatically. We are also working on direct integration with multiple banks so that you can pass the leads to many partners at one click!

Want to know more? We would love to talk to you!

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