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                  OneFin is a Bangalore based full-stack credit and payments technology company for India. We have built modular, plug-and-play APIs to help our partners do bulk payments, identify fraud and do background checks, underwrite, and collect money from end customers. In a highly credit underserved country with rapidly increasing smartphone adoption, we are enabling any company to become a fintech company through fintech API infrastructure, and helping build customized financial products for “Middle India”. 

We have built APIs for 4 key pillars - acquisition, underwriting, payments, and collections across asset and liability products. We have worked with 40+ clients.

Payments :

  • payment APIs for easy, bulk scalable payments. Enable fully automated fund transfer (via NEFT / IMPS / RTGS / UPI) from your own target account to many concurrent customer accounts (don't have to rely on payment gateways or transfer funds to some third party account etc)

Credit / Asset products :

  • Customer Onboarding: low code / no code dashboard / API to enable customer to digitally apply for a loan, and digitally sign legal contracts

  • Background check: Dashboard / APIs to verify PAN (from NSDL), Aadhaar (offline xml), Video KYC, employment stability, credit history analytics, GST analytics etc. of individuals and businesses. The same can also be provided via a simple dashboard



  • We have built APIs to automate large parts of collections processes. Few examples of the tools are as below - 

  • Collect money via e-mandates (eNACH) to collect recurring emi - registration, placement, and repayment analytics are provided by us 

  • Collect money via UPI via a deep integration with banks to collect recurring emi. Save payment gateway costs and avoid downtime! Switch to UPI recurring mandates, the next evolution in India's collections technology (registration, placement, and repayment analytics provided). 

  • Get real-time notification of "intent to pay" via payment failure notification, delivered right into your office communication channels. 


Legal Notice: 

  • Automate the process of sending legal notices, and make it more intelligent! Notices like this can be sent online via email (here) and via other communication channels like SMS, Whatsapp, etc also. This comes with analytical tracking as well (to track conversion/intent). 

  • one API for lending through many banks/NBFCs as you scale your lending vertical (we have partnered with 4 FIs in the country). We are also a registered NBFC ourselves, and we can work on a partnership there to fast-track your business objectives

Liability products:

  • company branded physical card issuance for debit/credit use case online and offline for their professionals

We have 17 plug-and-play APIs for all pieces of the payment and lending puzzle.


An exhaustive list of APIs can be provided in subsequent discussions.

Please contact us for a demo:

Contact Sid : +91 6363740045

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