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Products - eCollect

OneFin provides best in class collection technologies for getting payments from your customers, clients & vendors. We provide multiple solutions that will make your collections more efficient & effective. Using OneFin, our clients can reduce their  working capital problems and ease liquidity pressures. eCollect by OneFin can be used not just by NBFCs & fintechs but also by SMEs & corporates for collections from their customers or vendors. 

eCollect Features
  • Multi payment gateway support - get online payments via UPI, netbanking, debit cards & wallets. Multiple payment gateway support reduces payment failure rates

  • Collect via Smart Links ​- create smart links to collect payments with periodic multi-channel reminders & templates, tracking read time, link open time, managing offers & more!

  • End to end NACH automation - simplify eNach registration and debit placement with OneFin

  • Multi channel reminder system - remind customers via SMS, email, IVR along with real time internal alerts on email and Slack, Whatsapp or any other office communication tool

  • Collect via UPI pull requests - UPI is the fastest growing payment option in India today. Send collect requests in real time to convert payments while customer is on call!

  • Reconcile payments - collect money via virtual accounts and eliminate all reconciliation efforts at quarter end!

  • Collection agent & collection telecaller mobile app - empower your agents and telecaller with a mobile app which syncs in real time with your system. Assign & track tasks, followups & more

  • Real time customer alerts - customer trying to pay? Get notified in real time and convert the payment. Get alerts via email, SMS & Slack!

  • Credit bureau reporting automation credit bureau reporting module will allow you to be first in market to report to bureaus. Along with customer awareness module, this will improve your collections


Managing loans involves multiple steps & touchpoints with customers. Doing this systematically can lead to lower dropouts, higher conversion rates & hence higher income. Our LoanBook product has handled lakhs of loans efficiently and effectively at a large scale. 

eLoanBook Features
  • Acquire new leads digitally - customers are going digital. Make sure you digitize your lead sourcing also!

  • Lead management ​- efficiently manage all your leads at one place with real time syncing of data across all teams and customers.

  • Customer campaigns ​- create and send campaigns to customers via email, SMS, IVR & Whatsapp.

  • Underwriting tools ​- do pre-filter of customers by digitally processing bank statements of customers as well as credit report analytics.

  • Operations ​- digitize operations via an app that your telecalling & field team uses

Products - eLoanBook
Products - ePay


Working with banking systems can be difficult - we have faced it ourselves. It becomes even harder when you have multiple recurring payments, like most businesses have. Automate your payments via OneFin and benefit from time & resource savings. You can transfer to vendors, customers & other partners via one click from our dashboard.

ePay Features
  • Bulk transfers - easy way to transfer money to multiple parties

  • Automatic reconciliation ​- no need to spend time reconciling payments later. Tag payments when you make them and our system will do the rest of reconciliation work

  • Bank account verification ​- verify account details of your partners with one click

  • Multi bank support ​- we can help you with formats of multiple banks

  • Settle split payments ​- easily split payments into multiple parts

  • Real time, 24x7 ​- While banks work specific hours / weekdays, we provide service 24x7 365 days of the year

  • Mobile friendly ​- we know how hard to use corporate netbanking on mobile is. OneFin is not.


Save time of your accounts and HR team by simplifying salary and incentives transfer. Transfer salaries in real time, even on holidays. 

eSalaries Features
  • Real time, 24x7 - While banks work specific hours / weekdays, we provide service 24x7 365 days of the year

  • Multi bank support ​- we can help you with formats of multiple banks

Products - eSalaries

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