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Digitalising India's financial services industry through technology. Hear from Burhan!

What was your career journey before joining OneFin?

I began my technology career as a Backend Developer focusing primarily on game development and then moved into the machine learning domain when I got my first job in FluidAI. There, I worked on various deep learning neural network models and data processing modules for making intent prediction on chatbots. I also worked on many more AI based use cases like deriving insights from banking data, etc.

After a year, through my network, I started getting freelance projects where I had to directly interact with clients, understand their requirements, and make the product execution plan for them from scratch. By freelancing, I got a clear understanding of how to build an end-to-end solution for clients. During the same time, I had also planned to pursue a Master’s degree but because of the Covid-19 pandemic my entrance exam got delayed and I became increasingly focused on my freelancing work.

What made you decide to join OneFin over any other opportunities that you had?

To gain a deeper understanding for my freelancing work about SAAS products, I started seeking job openings in my current domain. During the interview rounds at OneFin, I also had another offer letter on hand but the CTO & CEO of OneFin enlightened me about how fintech can be very immpactful to society. Luckily all rounds went well and I got an offer letter from OneFin and I decided to join them.

Interview experience with OneFin

There were five rounds in total. Initially, I had a brief call with Abhash, followed by one assignment which I had to complete within three days. And finally, after two technical rounds, my interview got scheduled with the other founders. I got a clear vision of the company’s business and their future plans.

Thoughts before joining OneFin

Well! I always wanted to work in a product-based company to learn how to build SAAS products with multiple tenant support. When Abhash gave me a briefing about the company’s codebase, I just felt like yeah, joining OneFin would be the right path for my career!

First Day at OneFin

It was amazing! everybody was welcoming me on my first day. We had an introductory meeting, where we got to know each other. I still remember that day I had got my first task from Ashwin (team leader) to add credits calculation functionality for our EPFO API.

What are some core responsibilities you handle as part of the OneFin engineering team?

At OneFin, we have agile software development cycle. I always strive to build an error-free and bug-free solution. We, as a team, always approach any problem in a way that the solution is reusable and can serve multiple clients. Moreover, I aim that the implementation should always adhere to the expected coding standards, so that in the future anybody can easily contribute to the same codebase without having to apply too much effort to grasp the flow. In addition, we put in a good amount of effort to find the right candidate to be a part of our OneFin family. These are few of the many primary responsibilities we take care of in the engineering team.

What are some of the most memorable projects which you have done at OneFin so far?

There are so many solutions I have built since I have joined OneFin, that I have lost count! The most challenging and exciting projects that I have worked on are Dynamic Form Validator, EMI Marking API, and Universal CRUD APIs.

How is the work culture at OneFin?

It feels like family! I always find it easy to reach out to colleagues and founders for any kind of problem.

Any key skills which you felt you have learned while working at OneFin?

Definitely, I have noticed improvements in many of my skills. My communication with clients has become more fluent than ever before. I learnt how to contribute to and work with multiple team members on a single codebase with the help of GitHub tools. I also learnt how to handle all tasks with proper prioritization and time delivery and manage time effectively. On the technical side, I have learnt many more new frameworks and tools that I had never heard of before.

Any social activities you do with your team members to unwind from work?

To unburden ourselves from work stress, we often play games like Scribbl, Among Us etc. and the most amazing part is that our CTO also plays sometimes with us. We specially schedule the playtime so that nobody misses being a part of the game. We arrange Friday talks where we present new launches, project updates and feature development with everyone else in the team.

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